About Elemental

Our Story

Elemental was established in 2011 to offer best-in-class corporate services. We addressed a gap in the UK market for a provider who could bring together select functions of large professional services firms and deliver them in a more efficient and personalised way.

Today, we are a leading UK specialist of integrated corporate secretarial, governance, accounting and tax advisory services. We help clients from over 100 countries in the UK with their corporate services needs.

We’re run by experts who have worked for the big 4 accountancy firms, Magic Circle law firms, and busy in-house teams. Now we are committed to working hands on to support our clients with their outsourcing requirements.

Our Difference

01. Integrated

A fully integrated offering; less complexity, less cost.


02. Hands-on

Experts from Big 4 and Big Law working hands-on in your business


03. Expert

Qualified solicitors accountants, tax and governance professionals


04. Agile

Best in class technology.


05. Lean

Transparent pricing, built around you.


06. Experienced

Blue chip clients and broad sector expertise.


We’re integrated

We value joined up thinking. We offer all essential corporate services for establishing and managing a UK entity in one place. And because we see the whole picture, whether you take one or more of our services, you’ll benefit from advice that’s simple, commercial and practical.


We’re experienced

We have a team of in-house experts from complementary fields, which means we can offer our clients a joined-up view more quickly and cost effectively than working with multiple providers.

We’re agile

With no legacy systems, we’re able to use the latest cloud software. By streamlining our processes, we have more time to focus on you and your requirements.

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We’re lean

We don’t have the overheads, operating model or costs of a traditional firm. This allows us to invest in what really makes the difference to you, our technology and the calibre of our people. This means you get the support and advice of qualified lawyers, chartered accountants and chartered secretaries without the cost of these traditional firms.


Fixed Fee


Flexible Around You


Time Spent


Transparent Pricing



Service Provider of the Year 2021 & 2022



UK Government investment directory.



Solicitors Regulation Authority Registered



Chartered Governance Institute member



Qualified Accountants



Qualified Tax Accountants

From governments to law firms to startups

We’ve helped 1,600 clients from over 100 countries

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Meet our Leadership

Our leadership team have all worked for big 4, big law and client side. Now they enjoy working hands-on with our clients.

Wherever you are, we can help

We work with over 1,600 clients from over 100 countries, here in the UK.
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We’re here to keep things simple

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