Annual Compliance


We offer a packaged annual compliance service that covers all the basic statutory compliance requirements for a UK private company, non-listed public company or limited liability partnership (LLP). We provide peace of mind that your compliance requirements are being met as well as access to an experienced and professional advisor to discuss any more complicated matters that may arise.

At a time when compliance is becoming more and more important, knowing that you are compliant is essential. By engaging Elemental CoSec, you can be confident that your advisors have the knowledge and experience you require.


We use qualified solicitors and chartered secretaries where relevant to ensure that you are legally compliant. Rather than just follow standard processes, our experts will apply their knowledge to your specific circumstances, giving you the confidence that our advice is accurate.


Elemental CoSec uses Diligent Entities (previously called Blueprint company secretarial software), undoubtedly the leading UK system available. It was originally designed by the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) and consequently, the systems and processes embedded in it always follow best practice. It is also linked into the systems at Companies House to ensure that your records are always up-to-date.


Unlike many other firms, this is our core offering and we take pride in getting it right. Rather than using general admin staff or other specialists, we use company secretarial experts to deliver the highest service.

Our annual compliance package includes:

  • Preparing and filing the company’s Confirmation Statement
  • Maintaining the company’s statutory registers
  • Dealing with transfers of shares including issuing of new share certificates*
  • Filing changes in the statutory registers with Companies House
  • Deadline reminders for Accounts filing
  • Document monitoring at Companies House to ensure the company’s records are not being fraudulently amended
  • A corporate company secretary to be appointed if you so wish
  • Expert support and advice on your statutory compliance
  • For public companies preparation of relevant AGM documents

There is no longer a legal requirement to have a company secretary (although the compliance process still needs to be carried out) however, if you wish we can appoint a corporate company secretary who will be registered at Companies House. For more details on the full range of company secretary responsibilities please see here.

In addition to this we are also able to provide a variety of bespoke company secretarial services at very competitive rates including:

  • corporate governance advice and training;
  • assistance with board and shareholder meetings; and
  • assistance with establishing procedures and policies.

Please get in touch for more information on these services.

* Up to five basic transfers per annum

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